« It's not always about looking good, it's always about feeling good »

Try the new Ladies classes, Tuesdays 09:15am and Saturdays 11:00am


The Ballet school

Sabine Hofmann welcomes you to her school of dance Maxyna. Ballet classes for children, adolescents and adults are held in Zollikerberg and Dübendorf.


Adapted to each level of dance, courses are taught in German, French and English by experienced and qualified teachers.

Founded in Zurich in 2006 by Sabine Hofmann, the school of dance Maxyna introduces children, adolescents and adults to the practice of dance, conceived as a means of personal development and at the same time as a true pleasure.


Whether beginners or advanced, students of the school of dance Maxyna learn a degree of rigor in the work. This discipline is useful to them in their academic and professional lives. The ballet gives them a good maintenance of the body as well as an incomparable elegance.